Imagine a church community where people welcome you with open arms, where you're missed when you're away, where your children can't wait to go back to next week – this is what Bridgewater Baptist is striving to be!

We believe church is more than the building – we believe it's the people. The people and the ministries is what will keep this church growing well into the future. At Bridgewater Baptist, our service is “blended,” meaning it's a mix between contemporary and traditional. It's a place where some people wear jeans, and others wear suits. It's where Praise Teams and the Sr. Choir both take part. It's a place where real life issues are discussed and where the Bible is clearly explained. It's where children and youth are an integral part of this community!

If this is a place you want to be a part of, take a few moments and browse our website. And, then, this Sunday, come experience the real thing!